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tv   News 4 at 11  WRC  September 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news tonight at 11:00. fights break out after a high school football game. a montgomery county police officer strikes a student with his car and sends her to the hospital in critical condition. gary is on the scene. gary, what can you tell us? >> reporter: that scene is
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apple ridge court. the intersection right outside of the high school. let me show you the police car where the accident reconstruction team has been looking at. painting the ground where that officer hit the young woman. the game broke up at 9:00. a rivalry between watkins mill and clarksburg as pedestrians were leaving the area. several hundred of them. several fights broke out. one of them in a nearby park. officers assigned to pedestrian safety and traffic control at the football game calling for backup and between 10 and 20 additional officers were racing to the scene when that young woman described by the principal as a 10th grade student was hit by the police officer's car and sent to the hospital in serious condition. officers were able to break up the fights. the school principal put out a statement thanking the officers for their help. the fights were broken up. the football game is over and the pedestrians were dispursed. in that rapid response trying to break up the fight, her condition last described as
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serious. our helicopter was over the scene at the time, taking these pictures. that's essentially the information we have for you now as we learn more over the course of our weekend news programs, we'll let you know. that's it from gaithersburg. back to you. >> thank you. tomorrow, a white supremacyst group called area nations plans a march in southeast d.c. neighbors are outraged about that march and they planned a counterdemonstration. area nations is headquartered in louisiana. an ordained minister. we spoke with him by phone. now he tells us his march is aimed at drawing attention to violence against whites in south africa. >> what we are coming to washington, d.c. for this weekend is a righteous cause. we are coming to shine a light on a very dark situation for people in south africa. >> we live in 2012 and still having white supremacy groups march, that's not cool. >> both groups plan to
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assemble at lincoln park. police plan to be there as well to make sure it stays peaceful. what was supposed to be a day of peaceful protests ended up with 17 people dead. dozens more injured. secretary of state, hillary clinton, met with the foreign minister of pakistan. a california man produced and then posted on youtube. >> we found the video that is at the core of this series of events. offensive, disgusting, reprehensible. but that does not provide justification for violence. >> clinton appears in a u.s. government ad that is airing up to ten times a day on pakistani tv. in india, students shouted death to america, burning the american flag. protesters beat an effigy of president obama and burned a box that was supposed to be his coffin. protesters also burned an
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american flag in afghanistan and thousands took part in a massive demonstration in iraq. muslims called a 14 minute movie trailer an attack on their religion and their value to continue their protest. starting monday, new yorkers will see a controversial ad popping up on their subway system and the person behind that ad wants it launch it here in our metro. the ad reads, in any war between the civilized man and the savage support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad. behind it is pamela gellar. she is with a group. some call her ad antimuslim. gellar disagrees. >> honestly, anyone that disagrees with me, i would take a bullet for their right to disagree with me. this is the beauty of america. >> throughout our history, there have been people that engaged in hate speech. this is the next generation. >> metro has not rejected the ad, but put the matter on hold.
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the people behind the campaign have responded by filing a lawsuit to get their ad out there. now on to campaign 2012. mitt romney released his 2011 tax documents today and we can safely tell you, he made more money than you did. paid more in taxes and gave away a lot more money than you did. before gary was sent to breaking news, he also found out that last month romney had more people give him money than you did. >> that's because supporters gave his campaign $67 million last month, anita. the tax information shows that he made a lot of money and gave a lot of money away. the campaign released the romney's 380 2011 tax return. he paid $1.9 in federal taxes and affected tax rate of 14.1%. earlier this year, the obamas released their return, income
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$789,000 plus federal tax, $162,000. a tax rate of 20.5%. the romney's gave $4 million to charity last year. nearly 30% of their income. the romney's earned more than the obama's b u the obama campaign outraised the romney campaign last month, $85 million to $67 million. cash in the bank right now, obama $89 million. romney $35 million. money spent on tv ads so far. the obama campaign, $236 million. the romney campaign, $92 million. but, super pack supporting romney put him over the top in that category by spending $205 million on his behalf. only $7.1 million at the dnc. some republicans have expressed worry the romney campaign needs a turn around because the president is gaining in the polls in key swing states. but national polls show the campaign tied. >> we have a campaign, which
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is tied with a president of the united states. >> tied is good, but being ahead is better. and he is not that. at least yet. anita. >> thanks, gary. tonight we are getting a lock at mitt romney and paul ryan's medical records. the 65-year-old romney takes a miniaspirin and cholesterol medication to maintain his heart health. his doctor says he's a vigorous guy that takes good care of himself. 42-year-old paul ryan, a well known fan of the p90x workout has been dubbed in excellent shape by the physician for the house of representatives where he has been getting yearly checkups since he has been getting checkups since 28. the pastor of prince georges county megachurch is getting his job back. the pastor was fired in april from jericho city. he had been at odds with board pros tees. reversed a decision which gave
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six church employees control over that board of trustees. the pastor is making plans with his ministry to return to the landover campus soon. tonight, we have an update on a man attacked by a tiger at the zoo. the 25-year-old somehow jumped from a train as it passed over the tiger exhibit. he was then mauled by the big cat. the man also broke his ankle and his arm. police initially said he lost a leg, but that turned out not to be the case. workers used a fire extinguisher to back the tiger off him. he is in critical condition. we don't know why he jumped. space shuttle endeavor flying days are over. after 25 missions to space, the shuttle took its final fly by today. endeavor soared past the golden gate bridge during a farewell flight. riding piggy back on a 747. endeavour took off just after dawn. it headed over northern california before looping back past los angeles landmarks.
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the final approach ended with a perfect touchdown at l.a.x. >> you know, it's the end of an era. the kids are going to look at her and be inspired of what people can do. wow, i can't believe people really built something like that. >> spend a few weeks in a hanger before it is towed to the california science center. that 12-mile journey to the museum is the controversial part. workers had to cut down more than 400 trees sot shuttle can safely pass on the street. museum officials are pledging to planned almost 1,000 new trees in their place. endeavour goes on permanent display next month. still ahead on 9. a warning for you peanut butter lovers. if there's some in your pan your pantry, a brand that could be connected to an outbreak. how one man decided to get back at his neighbor who was blaring some music too loudly. and then we talk about the dance craze sweeping the world. tonight we take a look at why
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everyone is going gaga. >> you can leave me out of that one. i'm in for topper and it's beautiful out here on the patio. nice pleasant weather. what will you wake up to? it's going to dip into the 50s for some of our outlying suburbs. only 63 in the center of town because of some humidity. feels like summer out here. i'll tell you when that comes to an end in the full forecast coming up.
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we have a consumer alert for anybody that shops at trader joe's. the creamy salted peanut butter may be connected to a salmonella outbreak. the store's other peanut butter products may be affected. so as a precaution, the health department is advising you to avoid those peanut based foods at trader joe's until the investigation is done. it bolsters new york city's decision to ban over sized sodas and other sugary drinks. involving more than 33,000 americans find sugary beverages can interact with the genes that affect and control weight. that could increase obesity. those beverages can be risky
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for those that leave genes predisposed to weight gain in the first place. taking too many painkillers could be giving you a headache instead of treating it. health experts in britain say patients who take over the counter painkillers up to 15 days a month could be making themselves sick. it is estimated 1 in 50 people get headaches from taking too much medication, making the headaches rebound. women, five times more likely to suffer from this than men. experts are urging doctors to take a closer look at how different types of headaches should be treated. a man sick of hearing gospel music blaring from his neighbor's home decided to get some revenge. >> i decided to watch some porn. >> yeah, that's right. the man who didn't want to be identified moved his big screen tv out on his deck and cranked up the volume on a porno. he says it was pay back. his neighbors, you know the gospel lovers? he can't stand that music.
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>> one day, it went on for 12 hours. my dog was howling and it was bad. >> 12 hours is a lot. of course the gospel loving neighbors called the police after seeing the pornography. how much is the conversation over the fence like, hey guys, can you turn down your gospel and i'll keep my pornography in the house? >> the man that did not want to be identified, gee, i wonder why? with his big screen tv on his deck. we need a great weekend. bring it on. >> well, it looks like we are going to see the chance for a few thunderstorms tomorrow. other than that, it looks good. the summer-like temperatures are going to go by the waist side. enjoy tonight while it lasts. let's take a look outside with the michael and son weather cam. 69 degrees. temperatures are not falling very fast tonight because the dew points have been rising. so when you have more humidity in the atmosphere, you don't see those temperatures fall off as quickly and we are looking at a southerly wind helping to keep that moisture and that
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heat in place. southerly winds right now at 8 miles per hour. current temperature is ill 70 degrees in leesburg. it's 64 in frederick and gaithersburg. 65 at andrews air force base and 71 degrees along the water in annapolis. we do have some nice, mild temperatures out there right now. as we head into tomorrow, a cold front that is on the way is going to bring an end to the summer-like feel that we have out there. that cold front will bring us a chance for showers and thunderstorms on saturday, especially in the evening hours. then sunday, after the cold front sweeps through, we'll see some cooler and less humid air starting to move on in. so good news in our forecast for just about everybody. if you like the summer-like heat, we have that in the forecast for you tomorrow. satellite and radar, here comes the cold front. there's plenty of rain in association with this. we do need the rain. so that's good news and we'll see some of that and then behind that front, of course, we bring in the cooler and dryer air. you'll see that here on future cast. just a few of those clouds
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starting to make their way toward us as we get into the lunch-time hour. it is dinner time that you might need that umbrella. you can see some of the showers firing up here right in the d.c. area over toward prince georges county and montgomery county. you'll see some of those showers and storms and then as we head into the evening, everything moves off to the east. if you are heading out on the water, you might want to put the sales down and take it into the harbor as we head into the sunset hours because that's when the showers and storms will start to make their way toward you. sunday looks very good. we're going to see breezy and cooler conditions moving in. overnight tonight, mostly clear. it won't be as cool, but it will be humid with a high, or a low between 55 and 63. still mostly sunny in the morning tomorrow. but it will be a little bit more humid. temperatures in the 60s downtown. and then we'll get all the way up to 85 degrees as we head into the afternoon tomorrow. showers and storms by dinner time. your forecast for saturday, we're going to keep things in the 80s for most of us.
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even along the shoreline we're going to see temperatures in the 80s. 83 in annapolis and easten. 83 in cambridge. and over the next three days, all right, so we have code yellow tomorrow. but code green for sunday and monday. we're going to clear out the moisture. we're going to get that sunshine into the forecast as well. temperatures only right around 70 degrees for highs on both sunday and monday and our next chance for rain after tomorrow will be wednesday and thursday. >> love all that bright sunshine. we'll take it. >> it's going to be very nice. >> keep us posted on the thunderstorm. >> thank you, erica. the electric slide, the cupid shuffle, there is a new sound sweeping the globe and we're talking about gang style. ken is live to explain what this new dance craze is all about. this looks looks crazy, kenny. >> he is from korea and the video has nearly a quart of a billion hits on youtube.
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needless to say, the craze is alive and well right here in washington. >> this is what everyone has been calling us about. >> it's the biggest song in the world right now. >> hot 99.5 radio knows all about it. both him and his listeners can't get enough of it. >> it's been one of the most requested songs, most called about, texted about, e-mailed about songs. people are into it. >> obsession with the song that has gone viral revolves around a catchy beat and a feel-good sense of silliness, thanks to sy. >> it's about dancing cheesy. >> that's what we found when we asked people to show us their gangam style. ♪ [ music
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] ♪ while these fans showed off their moves, others had a different interpretation of what it is all about. >> let's see it, gentleman. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> i'm pretty sure he would call those fails. the dance fever became parody for mid shipman at the u.s. naval academy. unfortunately, naval officials didn't see too much humor and some may be disciplined for their body antics. >> is this guy a one-hit wonder? >> my guess would be probably. >> of course only time will tell how long this craze will last. in the meantime, people are certainly digging it. back to you. >> it is too bad that our derek mcginty isn't here tonight because he loves to dance gangam style. >> i love it. >> no. it's fun to watch. kind of not the best night at
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the ball park. >> no, the nats were struggling, that's for sure. as good as last night was, tonight was just as gut wrenching. the nats had it, then they lost it. wasn't sure, looked like a sure win at the ballpark. want to talk about that and high school football coming up next. >> i'm james brown saturday night on game on. >> this week the secretary of defense will be here. bruce johnson talks it up in the barber shop, plus a complete roundup of the fcc and nfl. >> game on this saturday night only on wusa.
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and now, 9sports with dave owen. >> well, all the talk of finally making the playoffs is done. now the nats are focusing on winning the division. the magic number to clinch is 8 before tonight. now don't try to figure out the math of all of that. just trust me. the magic number is eight. nats trying to make that magic number zero. i can't figure it out sometimes. here we go. edwin jackson cruising with a little help. watch bryce harper in the 4th. let me introduce you to the pose. i don't think so. that is his fifth of the year. score remains 2-1. nats leading into the 9th. three earned runs in 2/3 of an inning. the braves lose. that's good news for the magic
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number, drops down to 7. orioles getting closer to clinching the wild card in boston tonight. that is matt and that's matt doing work. double down the line. the o's win 4-2. gum johnson reports his 46th save. sets an orioles franchise record. all right, we are getting the highlight machine all juiced up. high school football gets the pig skins ready to pop. we leave no stone unturned. a will lot of house calls made. we'll let you know who did it, next.
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it is time for u.s.a. today high school sports presented by toyota. >> well, it topped our viewer poll for good reason. close proximity. big rivals. middletown has the bragging rights for now. over the cadets. this week, 12,000 of you voted, so here we go. check it out. here comes the fighting fred. frederick in the house. middletown striking first. hey, this is gangam style. zach welsh. running, a great weaving run.
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that's a big run to get it hopping. frederick coming back. matt hines, he's the cocaptain. he's large and in charge. rifles in on the slant play. middletown bradley reinhardt, they should call him brave heart. middletown prevailing again. 28-25. >> we take it week to week. and you know, this week we knew we were playing an undefeated team. week four going in there. all we could control is week to week and we tried to get better week to week. >> week to week, there we go. deon, we should call this game. this is the deal. the exchange rate was observed. taiwan. get it? he was just getting started. here's another touchdown run. guy looks like c.j. spiller. i should put him on my fantasy team. looking great. he had three touchdowns. here's the third. all stag. it's a stag party.
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34-0. over to prince georges county, flowers and north western. big blue, it was a tight one. but north western with the quarterback. this was a stunner tonight. wildcats to beat the jags who were ranked in the top ten. 19-14. off to virginia we go. yorktown came in averaging 50 points a game. could the hawks stop them? not with snaps like that. you have to be a hawk to catch that snap. way up over the quarterback's head. check out yorktown coming right at you. 3d style. patriots prevail. great camera work by chief williams. patriots prevail 17-10. good stuff out there tonight. over to arlington. freedom at wakefield. gang green in the house. nothing like a near pick to make the highlights. not a will the of highlights for the warriors tonight. freedom did have a lot of
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highlights. let freedom ring. freedom 55-6 over wakefield. all right, if you missed any of tonight's action, you can always log on to u.s.a. today and see all of the great action again. you can check out our great feature series on our press athlete. great high school football tonight. that's going to do it for this week. taking you out of here, it is the frederick marching band. take it easy, everybody.
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